If you are interested in finding amazing deals on property, you may be thinking about checking out some of the area's foreclosures. This site is designed to provide you with the information you need to search for your perfect match.

Did you know?

Approximately 35% of residential sales so far this year were foreclosures or pre-foreclosures.

This is not a market reserved exclusively for investors or real estate moguls. Everyone can find and take advantage of these great deals. You don't, however, want to go in without doing your homework. Some properties need a lot of work or require specific steps to get qualified to make an offer. You definitely want a Realtor on your side. Buyers do not pay the fees for their Realtor and a professional can help you evaluate a home's market value and walk you through all the paperwork. If you don't have a Realtor helping you, CLICK HERE and let us know what you are looking for. We will find a Realtor who will work for you to find properties that match your search criteria and who is experienced with buying homes in the foreclosure process.

Over 1,400 foreclosures sold in the Savannah area in 2012.

From lots, to condos to single family homes. From Savannah to Pooler to Richmond Hill. There are foreclosures in every area, in every price range. With this much inventory available, you can find the home of your dreams or a fantastic investment and have instant equity.

So far in 2012, one quarter of residential foreclosures sold in less than one month and almost half of them sold in less than two months.

Two months, including time spent under contract! The best deals are moving fast. Most of our real estate magazines in Savannah publish monthly. It takes about 3-7 weeks to get a new listing into one of these magazines. Consequently, the best foreclosures are usually not even advertised in print. You need a website with real time information. Our search page updates nightly with the Savannah Multi-List to provide you with all the new listings and price changes.

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